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Here you will find the latest news from Ko-bolt and the wider industry together with information on how you can tackle late payment and reduce bad debt.

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When should I use a debt collection agency?

Unfortunately late payment is a problem faced by businesses of all shapes and sizes everyday, and the current economic environment is only making things worse. You may be following all of the strategies we’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, but customers

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commercial fraud, Reduce Bad Debt

How to spot commercial fraud

Commercial Fraud is on the rise and the annual cost to the UK economy is estimated to be £190bn per annum (according to the National Crime Agency). Criminals are very good at fooling even the most seasoned credit manager and

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how does Commercial Debt Recovery work, Reduce Bad Debt

How does commercial debt recovery work?

It’s no secret that United Kingdom has a poor payment culture. 62% of small businesses have been subject to late or frozen payments in the wake of COVID-19, according to a report published by the FSB.  A commercial debt recovery

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Switch On Your Cash Flow Guide

“What started as a hobby turned into 3 months worth of writing the epitome of credit management.” During the Christmas break of 2020, I was thinking about COVID-19’s impact on the economy and particularly cash flow. I can trace that

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