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Commercial Debt Collection

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Commercial Debt Collection

Commercial debt collection can be difficult for businesses of all shapes and sizes, especially when you combine this with the late payment culture that exists in the UK and elsewhere in the world. Moreover, not all businesses have a dedicated resource for collecting overdue accounts. This could be because they’re just starting out, may only have a small number of manageable customers or they may have so many customers that the resource doesn’t cover them. Whatever the business size, there’s always something better to be doing with your time than collecting overdue invoices.

A new breed of commercial debt collection, we call it debt resolution.

Involving a debt collection agency can be stressful for the buyer and supplier. It can cause concern about damaging customer relationships and losing vital future business but that’s where we come in. We specialise in commercial debt resolution; our approach is firm, but fair. Firstly, we ask the right questions and most importantly, we listen. Then, once we have identified the issues that are causing the payment delay, we quickly work towards agreeing a way forward that works for all parties. Above all, it’s a business transaction which has gone wrong. It needs to be rectified and we understand that companies owe money but people pay bills. To find out more about commercial debt collection and our innovative approach, visit our dedicated blog.

Why businesses use Ko-bolt?

With so many debt collection agencies in the market, why choose Commercial Debt Collection from Ko-bolt?

We're specialists

We don't offer consumer debt collection. Consequently, by focusing only on commercial debt collection, we can deliver the best service and the best results.

Fair approach

Our debt collection process focuses on the buyer-supplier relationship. As a result, you can expect swift recovery and the opportunity to engage in future trade.

No collect, no fee

Our service is always offered on a no collection, no commission basis. Therefore, you only pay if we're successful in securing payment. Sound fair?

We get results

Our innovative and personable debt resolution service has a success rate of 82% and most debt is collected within 3 weeks of placement.

Global resource

Collection services in native languages are available in 147 Countries thanks to our network of local agents.

Assign in minutes

With our online registration and placement tools, you can place a debt in as little as 5 minutes and we get to work straight away.

Our tech

We use specialist email tracking software which allows us to see when an email has been sent, delivered, opened and more importantly how many times, influencing how we approach the customer for payment.

Customer care

We’re here for you and your business. Ko-bolt’s friendly customer service team is here to help via phone, email and live chat.

The environment

Traditional debt collection uses vast amounts of paper in the onboarding, debt placement and the collection processes. As a result of our email first policy, we reduce the use of paper and the carbon footprint that traditional post creates.

Not sure if you need us?

The true cost of a bad debt

The average profit margin for a business in the UK is 10% according to the office for national statistics. Therefore and as an example, a loss of £10,000 would result in having to do £100,000 in additional turnover in order to offset the loss and for the average SME, this figure is simply unachievable. Consequently this can lead to business failure.

By using the sliders in our bad debt calculator, you can see how much additional turnover is required to offset a late payment if it becomes irrecoverable. Still not sure if you need us?

Straight forward pricing

UK Commercial Debt Collection
No Collection, No Commission
  • Fast turnaround
  • Focused on client retention
International Debt Collection
No Collection, No Commission
  • Local agent fees may vary
  • Available in 147 Countries

As a result of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and the The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013, collection costs and interest are payable by the buyer. Therefore, when we collect them, there’s no cost to you. 

3 simple steps to getting paid


Registering with Ko-bolt is free of charge, there are no joining fees, annual fees or debt placement fees, so you only pay when we collect. What’s more, as per the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013, collection costs and interest are payable by your buyer. We add our costs to the account and when we collect them, there’s no cost to you. Any interest we recover is 100% yours.

Place your debt

Once you've registered, you can start working with Ko-bolt right away. You’ll need to provide us with copies of invoices and/or an up to date statement of account. You can drag and drop these documents into Ko-bolt’s online debt placement tool. We’ll only contact you if we need additional information or we’re unable to help (e.g. if we identify that the buyer is already insolvent at placement).

Get Paid!

Provided we have everything we need, we'll get to work within 24 hours and we hope to have resolved the debt within 21 days. Once we've collected your money, we want you to make use of it, so we remit cleared funds every other week, which is twice the average for the industry.

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